14th September

I love the rain…

Christoph invites us over to make breakfast/lunch one day. The four of us are engaged in a contest to determine who can make the best food and this meal will start off the series.

An added bonus is that Christoph's brother is in town and between the two of them we have a fine conversation regarding German and American politics while making stuffed bell peppers.

After the meal, it is time for a walk; fortunately, just behind the house there is a mountain.

The story, as near as I can work it out is that at some point in the distant past a bishop came to Heiligenstadt, climbed this hill, and enjoyed the view. Therefore, they erected an obelisk and have get the trees trimmed to maintain this view… for about four hundred years.

On the way down we pass by a lesser-known but rumoured-to-be-good restaurant in the area. Hearing a menagerie in the woods, we wander over to discover a parrot. It doesn't talk to us, but the fence is double-layered to prevent it from biting your fingers off. In the cage just behind the parrot is a pretty bamf rooster.

Just another day in Heiligenstadt.

Check if this is a private message just for Richard:

JEB - Saturday, October 27, 2012 at 22:11:43 (PDT)
Love that word "bamf"!!