Randy & Helen go into town to meet with a travel agent regarding a future trip to the states… and come back with Pasties! Part of a sweet apple, part of an apple and sausage, and a whole traditional pasty (seasoned with HP sauce) later, I'm feeling deliciously full. And also thinking about climbing something. That's when they ask if I'd like to take a walk up to the stone circle.

I am always up for a walk.

Helen tells me that they traveled all over Scotland and never saw Highland Cattle… until they got back to Cumbria. Indeed, the two highland cows in front of me are as many as I ever saw in Scotland. They explain that the farm next we're passing by used to have a long dairy milking shed, but after the foot and mouth disease outbreak, the shed was converted into guest rooms; a similar trend occurred across the country.

At the end of the lake, there's rain and snow in the direction of Scafell Pike.

Cat Bells, across the lake, will have to wait for another day.

And here's Barrow again.

The light and topography are perfect: I just can't stop taking pictures of this formation.

The field containing the stone circle is accessible via steps built into the stone wall.

There are relatively few people at the circle today, providing some nice photographic opportunities and a chance to exam the lichens up-close. After walking around for a while, we try, and fail, to locate a geocache which was there a couple of years before.

Our walk back into town takes us past the route which had so confused me the other night. It turns out there is a path just behind the gas station which leads up to the rail line and to places I recognise. But there is also a path that crosses beneath the rail line, winds past the primary school, right to the entrance to the neighbourhood where I had to climb over the fence (R&H confirm that there isn't a good way out of that neighbourhood) before making a subtle turn between two fences. This path leads directly home.

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