This entry is dedicated to…
Bripi, the drummer in my life

Walking into town, I pass the Bristol Art Museum, where there's been a solid line of people all day every day from the day I arrived till now (I'm writing this 7/4/09).

These people are waiting… waiting to see the Art of Banksy.
Banksy, whose irreverant and mischevious art we'll discuss later, when I visit the exhibit myself.
I find myself in the Bristol Park where some sort of fight-dance festival is under-way: kicks and throws are being dished out to the hypnotic rhythm of a score of drummers.

I watch two of them go at it. The fat one slides across the hot grass and, when he meets up with the skinny, meaty one, their blows are all sizzle-popping fast. An orange drum squeezes out an acid rhythm in the background. They flip out of the circle and are replaced; this time, the fight moves in a slowly expanding circle that coalesces, after several flips, into an opaque matrix of bubbling blows. Two more find their way in and slather pain on each other: thick, red, and lumpy. They pop out and the observers know it's time to break this fast fighting and relax.

I take this as a cue to leave and find some supper. Heading off, I find a shirtless fighter hiding behind a pillar with a cigarette. As the drum reaches a fevered pitch - they weren't done after all - he tells me he's too embarassed to smoke in front of all his healthy friends.

There are few things in life more tasty than eating, but many things which can cause one to delay it… such as getting a library card. It's generally the first thing I do when I arrive somewhere and it's remarkable that I've delayed this long. Legend has it that the morning after arriving in Huntsville, Alabama, the German rocket scientists went as a group to the city library to get their cards - libraries are very important. As I exit the venerable halls of the Bristol Library, I reflect that this is the eighth public library system I've had a card for and, possibly, the sixteenth library system total. It's getting hard to keep track.

This past week's been spent delving deeper into the glacial buisness, taking walks around the city, eating out again with the Italians, and generally acclimatising to life here.

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