The next morning we all slept in for a bit. Or, leastwise, we slept more and later than we had the night before, sleeping by the roadside in California.

Downstairs we discussed the possibility of visiting Crater Lake with Kriab, but she warned us that we'd likely find our progress impeded by several feet of snow and, to have any time there and still make it back for the night, we'd have to leave immediately. After a discussion with Flavia and Matt, we decided to have a rest day in Eugene.

Last night, when I'd been tired after many, many hours of driving I'd not been sure if we were arriving at the right place: the road just kind of petered out at Kriab's door. The stars had been beautiful to look at, and the air the perfect temperature, but we hadn't been able to see much. By day, the house proves itself to be in a beautiful location. A small orchard in the turn about for the car, after which a lush green field rises up. Kriab takes us on a walk through the high weeds down to the edge of the river. Afterwards, we come back in, gather some directions, and head out for our day on the town.

First stop: coffee for Flavia and Matt.

Second stop: food for all of us at Yummi - which serves all manner of beans and rice with a notably tasty sauce. Matt takes a look at the menu and says, in his Australian drawl, “I'm goin' over to the Maccers; be back soon.” And then heads to the McDonald's. Flavia and I think he might be addicted!

After lunch we get lost a few times driving south for a hike. I'm all for doing the six mile round-trip long approach, but Matt and Flavia speak pragmatically of the gray clouds above us and the sprinkles around us. In the end, we decide to take a 3/4 mile path up and a 1.5 mile path down.

Up on top, we relax and talk a while. I realize I feel very comfortable with these two and, increasingly, am glad to have brought them along, though it's meant some adaptations to my plan.

On the way down we meet a shaggy-haired girl and her boyfriend. She vocally admires Matt's dreadlocks and the three of them fall into easy conversation about rainbow gatherings and the like.

Back in town we purchase far more food than we really need to cook supper and head back to Kriab's place. She's invited us out to a theatre show for the evening; however, the show is described as one of those that satisfies lovers of theatre with good inside references and critiques, but which may not be suitable for a general audience. We opt for an evening in and, after Kriab leaves, Matt raids the DVD collection and puts in “The Hangover” It's amusing, but reminds me of why I don't often watch movies.

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