The bus rolled into St. Cloud and deposited me at the station… the first time I'd ever debussed there. I spent a while roaming downtown, waiting to be picked up. And, later, searching out potential restaurants we could eat at. But, when Tegal, Jusko, Kathur, and Lusan, we ended up at a Thai restaurant instead.

The plan was to spend the night at Kathur's cabin and then climb the next day. Cabin, though, did not seem the right word to me. The house (not denigrate Kathur) was huge, the cabin part stemming from the exposed woodwork and lakeside proximity. It was an interesting case of "word diluation" - when words with specific meanings get used for things they are not to the point where it gradually becomes true - maybe Kathur really did have a cabin.

We watched Up, and then sat by the dock and watched a huge storm roll in… and then roll out without incident. I tied a massive double French sinnet. In the morning, I woke up early and kayaked a few miles on the lake. Then we took off for the quarry. Where we wandered around for some time in the woods searching for the climbing areas, which turned out to be hidden in a set of unassuming cliffs left behind from a time when machines had bored a lake out of the granite. No sooner than we had arrived, we had to make a trip back to the car on account of the need for climbing permits.

Finally, settled in, top-rope anchors discovered, the climbing commenced. The routes were generally 5.10+, which was what attracted Jusko and Lusan. With those two trading belay, I had the chance to try some photography.

~30' walls
Slippery when wet

Then Lusan gave it a try.

As Luke climbed, the inevitable question of clean-up arose.

We relocated and began again.


Tegal made short work of the 5.8 route. Afterwards, I tried in my tennis shoes, and didn't get much above the ground. Frustrated, I relinquished the rope to Jusko, who experienced similar difficulties… doubly frustrating for him having just completed an apparently much more challenging route… though he did make it up. Me? I'm in search of climbing shoes.

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