Last summer, when I went traveling, I brought a single backpack with me. You can see it in the picture up above. It turns out that you can travel from Haiti to Greenland, and everywhere between, using (for the most part) only what fits in a single backpack. On those occassions when the backpack is too small, there are generally ways of working around its limitations.

I am not pregnant…

That venture eventually landed me, as is usually the case, back in my bedroom. But this time, more than at any point in the past, I was impressed by the massive quantity of stuff I had gathered. Knowing my packrat tendancies, I shouldn't have been surprised… but still! Since then, I have laboured to eliminate what isn't necessary, leaving behind only the useful and extremely esoteric.

Clothing, for instance. I've lived for a month before on a single T-shirt (don't ask about underwear); turns out I can cull thirty-tree of 'em from my closet without really noticing the difference.

I dream of one day setting out from my home without the backpack, food, or money. Just my towel, and maybe a hiking pole.

The warehouse when Justin moved in

Jusko's been packing up his warehouse as well, and that's had me thinking as well. Traveling is well and good, but it interferes with develop and maintaining the sorts of skills I enjoy having. I'll need to find some way of balancing these.

The warehouse near when Justin moved out

Skills like throwing knives, and others besides.

The packing implies leaving. Jusko's heading off to Michigan, playing his part in the dispersive process my friends are under-going. He and Tegal dropped me off at the bus and, for once, I wasn't the only one leaving. After they left, Bripi showed up—fresh in from New Orleans—and we sat together exchanging the happenings of our lives for the thirty or so minutes I had before the bus left.

Knives, though sharp, are easier to pack around than people. Still, there have been times when most everyone was collected in a few places, and you didn't need to pack them because you knew where to find them. Now visiting people is more like a traveling salesman problem, and that's hard.1

Two of my favourite people

So, you get together when you can.

And you make plans…

1Pun intended.

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