My cellphone died while I was on the Georgia trip. More accurately, I misplaced the charger and both the phone and I gradually spiraled into despair. Luckily, my uncle had a spare which I was able to use after returning to Minneapolis.

Turning on the phone, dozens of text messages I'd missed began filtering through. And then one came in from an odd number...

Where are you? You aren't asleep at this hour are you? I am wondering if you're in mpls.. bc that's where I am :)

I stared. Who could it be? As I pondered, the phone began to ring: I'd subconsciously dialed. Plans were made and, later, modified.

And so it was that Christine, whom I'd last seen ~507 days earlier, and her friend George (Γιώργος?), visited me out of the blue! It was a Sunday evening, and my knowledge of places tends to consist primarily of long walks, climbs, dancing, and abandoned industry. Not really social options under the best of times, and maybe not the best for a pair of Greecians in January under any circumstances. But we came to an accord and drove off into the night.

Because Minnehaha Falls is spectacular by winter. Of course, to get there we had to climb over a no-walking sign, and then over another sign that warned of infinite danger. This was followed by an abseil down some fat electrical wires running to some Machinery of Unknown Purpose.

Once in the bowl, we set about trying to climb out again.

This didn't work too well&emdash;I'm going back with an ice axe sometime soon&emdash;so we made our egress past the MUP. The stairs were close to being a smooth sheet of ice and the railings with which we braked our downward slides and pulled our way up were cold enough that they burned when you touched them. George commented that we hiking boots would have been a good idea, and it was true, and a subset of a greater truth: always bring good footwear when you walk with me.

We ended the evening at the Hard Times where I discovered that my knowledge of African geography is as ε&emdash;a subject which shall, I think, be discussed at length later&emdash;and that I apparently believe American politics are explicable in terms of game theory, and perhaps justifiable by similar arguments. This will require more thought and discussion to get hammered out… George had been introduced to me as a knowledgeable and well-thought person, but the brevity of our previous conversations had curtailed sounding this out; happily, our conversation waxed long, and was rewarding.

In the meantime, they've moved on to the West. It's a problem with my good friends: they've tended to disperse. But, then again, they also tend to show up again later on. Safe travels!

We are all freezing about now… and fiddling with camera settings.

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