Monday night is the night I make supper at the Coop.

Three weeks ago, I made some of my awesome bread pudding.

Two weeks ago, I refined it. I'm using loaves of cheap wheat bread from Erbert's and Gerberts, with plain soy milk for the custard base, coupled with vanilla, walnut oil, cinnamon, nutmeg, and almond extract. Woot!

One week ago, I made squash soup. I'd always imagined, from the name, that squash would be squishy. This, it turns out, is not true. Squash is hard. Squash adheres to its peel. Squash peel is not easily peeled with a peel. Squash peel does not seem to come loose when you warm the squash in an oven. In short, squash is dangerous to work with, because it involves knives and lots of pressure. Almost messed myself up working with coconuts that same way in Alaska; I think you can freeze them to separate the meat from the husk, but I don't recall if that method worked. The squash soup was soy-based again, blended with the Magic Bullet, seasoned with onions and garlic. Delicious. Too bad I don't have pictures.

Anyway, this week I decided to make ratatouille, and make a note of the recipe, because it's unfortunate to lose experimental data. And I'm gonna make enough of this puppy for 15 people.

As per usual, I mixed-and-matched several recipes. Ingredients:

  • Enough olive oil
  • 11 cloves garlic, minced. I used only two cloves.
  • Enough parsley.
  • 3.75 cups grated Parmesan cheese. I substituted a liberal amount of powdered P-cheese.
  • 7.5 zucchini, sliced. I used enough zucchini.
  • 3.75 large onion, sliced into rings. I used four.
  • 7.5 cups sliced fresh mushrooms. Don't know how many I used. Quite a bit.
  • 3.75 green bell pepper, sliced. I used only three: two green, one yellow.
  • 7.5 large tomatoes, chopped. I used a 28oz can of crushed tomatoes.
  • No bloody eggplant, 'cause it's icky.
  • Salt is stupid, if respectable. I didn't use it.

Preheat oven to 350°F. Coat bottom and sides of 1 foot by 2 foot pan with olive oil. Get this all over your hands.

Sauté garlic, parsley, onions, until floopy, elsewise they'll have an annoying crunch texture. This may take several rounds of sautéing, or a large wok.

Spread zucchini across bottom of pan. Sprinkle liberal P-cheese (and salt?) all over this. Spread mushrooms, sprinkle P-cheese. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Spread the crushed tomatoes all over with your hands at some point.

Try to minimize moisture in ingredients. It will pool in the oven and need to be removed before serving. Ratatouille is not inherenetly a wet dish.

Bake in preheated oven for 45 minutes.

I really wish kitchens had higher counters…

Following the making of this dish, I ran off to see Jason Webley, who plays music that tears itself apart. It was wonderful.

Check if this is a private message just for Richard:

Kelli - Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 10:44:01 (PDT)
Bravo, bravo! I'm impressed at your French culinary abilities! :)