I travel the world in search of adventure, difficult problems, interesting people,
and the answers to life's persistent questions.
Here, I post pictures and commentary of my adventures.
New entries are added regularly, but life tends to happen faster than I write about it.


11/22: Wherein we have a contra at the Coop!
7/7 ~ 7/8: Wherein I have a day in Seattle!
6/21: Wherein we head to Portland, Rainier, and Seattle!
6/20: Wherein we spend a day in Eugene!
6/19: Wherein we pass through Arcata and arrive in Eugene!
6/19: Wherein we make it to the Redwoods!
6/18: Wherein I walk around, and leave, San Francisco!
6/17: Wherein I get into San Francisco!
6/17: Wherein I leave for San Francisco!
5/28: Wherein Steca and I poke around New Orleans!
5/27: Wherein we spend our first day in New Orleans recuperating!
5/25: Wherein I hack and leave town for St. Louis!
5/4: Wherein my cousin graduates!
4/26: Wherein we open the tree climbing season!

Winter 02013: Ireland

1/24: Wherein I go to the edge of the world!
1/22 ~ 1/23: Wherein I head to Galway!

Winter 02012: England

1/15: Wherein I succeed in leaving Great Britain, but fail to get to Kinsale!
1/14: Wherein I spend a lonely night in Anglesey!
1/14: Wherein I come to a small town with a big name!
1/14: Wherein I try to leave Great Britain, and fail!
1/12: Wherein we go to the stone circle!
1/11: Wherein I drop by the nuclear meeting!
1/10: Wherein there's a medical problem!
1/9: Wherein I climb Skiddaw!
1/3 ~ 1/4: Wherein I climb Latrigg!
1/2: Wherein I climb Barrow!
1/1: Wherein I go singing in Nottingham!

Winter 02012: Hungary

12/20: Wherein we seek the Triplex Confinium!
12/19: Wherein we continue to explore Szeged!
12/18: Wherein we explore Szeged!
12/18: Wherein I arrive in Szeged!
12/17 ~ 12/18: Wherein I arrive in Hungary!
12/16 ~ 12/17: Wherein I head off to Hungary!

Autumn 02012: Germany

12/14 ~ 12/15: Wherein I go singing in Frankfurt!
11/14 ~ 11/23: Wherein I get some results at work!
10/2 ~ 10/8: Wherein we take a trip to the science museum!
9/18 ~ 9/27: Wherein we journey to Hamstein!
9/16: Wherein we stumble upon a castle!
9/15: Wherein we find a big rooster!
9/7 ~ 9/13: Wherein I continue to explore!
9/6: Wherein I continue to explore!
9/3: Wherein I acquire sheets!
9/2: Wherein I Ping and I go up a hill!
8/31: Wherein I go up the hill!
8/29 ~ 7/30: Wherein I walk to IBA, and back!
8/28: Deutschland, Day 1!

Spring and Summer 02012

6/1: Wherein I climb the Witch's Hat!
5/25 ~ 5/28: Wherein we head up to the Lake!
5/12 ~ 5/17: Wherein I take a trip up North!
4/21 ~ 4/27: Wherein I'm sick, but keep climbing!
3/29 ~ 3/31: Wherein Aliet does the science fair and we go fishing!
3/26 ~ 3/28: Wherein Ajonja and I search for cranes in the Vast Lane!
3/14 ~ 3/18: Wherein Steo and I climb again!
3/13: Wherein Steo and I go tree climbing!
3/10: Pictures from the Coop's Porch
2/28 ~ 3/8: Wherein we head out to Niagara!
2/16 ~ 2/20: Wherein we get caught up in a Flurry!
2/12: Wherein we sing, a lot!


9/30: Wherein I recount an old bus adventure!
9/16 ~ 9/18: Wherein I head to the Porcupine Mountains!
8/25 ~ 9/5: Wherein some short stories happen in my life!
8/28: Wherein we go to Whitewater State Park!
7/12: Wherein my roommate and I go tree climbing!
7/25 ~ 7/30: More happenings in July!
7/12 ~ 7/24: Happenings in July!
7/12: Wherein Bripi joins me for some tree climbing!

Summer 02011: Colorado

6/19: Wherein I arrive in, and leave, Denver (again)!
6/18: Wherein Jusko and I take a walk!
6/17: Wherein we get a bit wet and are entertained!
6/16: Wherein I take to the streets with a piano!
6/15: Wherein we head to Denver!
6/14: Wherein we ascend a sketchy snow-slope!
6/13: Wherein we take a high drive and a climb!
6/12: Wherein we take a snowy hike!
6/9 ~ 6/11: Wherein I ramble, and depart for Colorado!

Spring 02011

5/17 ~ 5/26: Michigan->Paper Marathon->Today!
5/11: Wherein I finish a paper and head to Michigan!
5/3: Wherein I make ratatouille and see Webley!
4/12 ~ 4/16: Wherein I climb trees and compete!

Winter 02011: New Orleans

3/13: Wherein we head to Florida!
3/12: Wherein we explore the Lower Ninth Ward!
3/12: Wherein we arrive in the South!
3/10 ~ 3/11: Wherein I head South again!

Winter 02011: Cumberland Island

2/19 ~ 2/20: Wherein we poke around Ashland!
2/18 ~ 2/19: Wherein I do my first ski race!
2/5: Wherein we jam and catch birds!
1/23: Wherein Christine visits!
  12/29: An interlude about code aesthetics
12/20: Notes on baggage and partings!
1/10: Wherein we head out to the Island!
1/9: Wherein we leave St. Louis!
1/8: Wherein we poke about St. Louis!
1/5 ~ 1/8: Wherein we head to St. Louis!

Autumn 02010: Seattle

  Catan Interlude
8/18 ~ 9/8: Wherein I depart Minneapolis!

Summer 02010

8/26: Wherein I photograph spiders!
8/7 ~ 8/8: Wherein I go climbing in St. Cloud!
  Brownie Interlude
7/17 ~ 7/27: Wherein I kayak and leave the farm!
7/13 ~ 7/17: Wherein we explore the farm and its people!
7/11 ~ 7/13: Wherein I begin WWOOFing!
7/2 ~ 7/11: Wherein I see some fireworks and meander Minneapolis!
6/6: Wherein I go to a roof-top concert!
6/3: The saddest picture ever.

Autumn 02009

Fall Update: Relating tales of Fall '09

August 02009: Greece

9/3 ~ 9/7: Wherein I hop the pond and head home!
8/30 ~ 9/2: Wherein I relax in Λάρισα!
8/29: Wherein we go to the beaches of Χαλκιδική!
8/28: Wherein we summit Όλυμπος and come back down!
  Sultan's Interlude
8/27: Wherein we begin to climb Όλυμπος!
8/26: Wherein I am introduced to Λάρισα!
8/25: Wherein I return from the islands and join Christine!
8/24: Wherein I travel the islands!
8/23: Wherein I arrive in Greece!

August 02009: Greenland

8/22: Wherein I depart Greenland!
8/21: Wherein Mike and I take a drive!
8/20: Wherein we head back to town!
8/19: Wherein we pack up camp and wait for signals!
8/19: Wherein we go up on the ice!
8/16 ~ 8/17: Wherein I take a walk and Mike takes a drop!
8/15 ~ 8/16: Wherein we head out to camp!
8/13 ~ 8/14: Wherein we test tracers!
8/10 ~ 8/12: Wherein we arrive and do… stuff!
  Moulin Interlude
Greenland Intro: Wherein I introduce Greenland!

Summer 02009: England

8/2: Wherein I go to Liverpool!
8/1: Wherein I go narrowboating!
7/28 ~ 7/31: Wherein I travel to Stockport!
7/27: Wherein I travel to Glasgow and Bristol!
7/26: Wherein I travel South!
7/25: Wherein I travel to the North!
7/24: Wherein I travel to Scotland and the dark woods!
(Part Two): Wherein I descend Snowdon and fill a gaping hole!
(Part One): Wherein I climb Snowdon and head to Birmingham!
7/18: Wherein I travel to Snowdonia!
7/13 ~ 7/17: Wherein I continue to wander Bristol!
7/12: Wherein I crest Pen y Fan and meet-up with shinnanigans!
7/11: Wherein I travel to a place of legend!
7/10: Wherein I travel and comfort!
7/6 ~ 7/10: Wherein I eat falafels and striek fear into the hearts of men!
  Clauß Interlude
7/5: Wherein I walk about Bristol!
7/3 ~ 7/4: Wherein my ears are assaulted!
7/2: Wherein I meet up with an old friend!
6/28 ~ 7/1: Wherein I spend time in Bristol!
6/26 ~ 6/27: Wherein I go to Cardiff!
6/25: Wherein I wander about campus!
6/24: Wherein I discover a hidden talent!
6/23: Wherein I leave Keswick for Bristol!
6/22: Wherein I visit stone circles and an idyllic home!
6/21: Wherein we see Mr. Bond and kayak!
6/20: Wherein Randy, Patch, and I go on a walk!
6/19: Wherein I go on a walk!
6/18: Wherein I go to Keswick!
6/17: Wherein we go to Stratford!
  Thatching: Wherein I answer Allison's question
6/16: Wherein we look around town!
(the evening): Wherein Glenys and I have a long evening!
6/15: Whereupon I land in and escape from London!
6/2 ~ 6/14: Wherein I travel many miles!

May 02009: Haiti

5/28: Wherein we travel to the St. Barnabas Agricultural School!
5/27: Wherein we go to the Village and Shada!
5/26: Wherein we are (almost) attacked by a mob!
5/25: Wherein we discuss why I'm in Haiti!
5/23 ~ 5/24: Wherein we travel to Haiti!

Summer 2008: Alaska

9/4: Wherein I try to save ANWR at the RNC!
6/27 ~ 7/1: Wherein I go on an unexpected nocturnal ramble!
6/16 ~ 6/27: Wherein we visit ice caves and go kayaking on Mendenhall!
6/10 ~ 6/15: Wherein I find my workplace and we take a kayaking trip!
6/6 ~ 6/9: Wherein we hike and join Georgia Tech on the glacier!
6/3 ~ 6/6: Wherein we get to know each other!
5/31 ~ 6/2: Wherein I head to and arrive in Alaska!