This site contains the results of some research I did into a certain water fall on the Mississippi River near Franklin Avenue Bridge in Minneapolis, MN. The goal was to try to map the evolution of the waterfall from a "sylvan nook" admired by poets and picnicers, to what appears today to be the output of a storm sewer.

Along the way, I discovered fields, islands that appeared and disappeared (Mercer Island), lakes near the St. Paul Campus (Langford and Sarita), other rivers (Tuttle Creek), other waterfalls (Shadow Falls, Iceydale Falls), neighbourhoods that went under (when I-94 was built), neighbourhoods that came together (Prospect Park residents chaining themselves around the Frank Lloyd Wright house, resulting in a big curve in the interstate), and more.

Contained in these pages is a largely disorganised dump of that research, missing some critical elements.

To continue the work, I should find maps prior to 1880, even, perhaps, earlier than 1850. At all times later than this, Bridal Veil Creek has been built under and its ponds appear only rarely. Around and before this time, it is possible to see various features of the Bridal Veil watershed on maps.

Speaking of which, it would be good to reexamine the maps for these other lakes!

Listing of Relevant Documents
Notes on the possible Future of the Falls
Notes on the History of the Falls
Maps of the Falls area, only some of which contain the Falls and Creek
The Falls and Creek in the News
Pictures of the Falls
Sources of Further Inquiry (as my time permits)
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